No matter what exercise programs people associate with good health these days Nikki believes that one of the greatest influences you can have on your personal health is to improve the quality of your food intake.

Nikki plays SMART to ensure you are giving your body the right amount and types of food by first assessing the nutritional adequacy of your current diet then providing you with practical options to adjust and improve your food intake quality and quantity.

Nikki uses SMART in helping people achieve their weight and or health goals by providing advice Specific to the Client, Insists on Measurable feedback loops, is both Achievable and Realistic and is tailored to meet a specific Timeframe.

Nikki can help you learn about the food you eat, the myths and the changing perceptions of food and what is best for your continued good health.

Nikki also has an interest in post pregnancy health, young children’s nutrition and common food allergies or intolerances such as excessive bloating, IBS, constipation and abdominal cramps.

Nutritional advice and services offered include:

  • General nutrition and Weight control
  • Food allergy/intolerance
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Advice for post pregnancy
  • Corporate health programs
  • School lunch boxes ideas
  • Supermarket Walkthroughs and Label reading
  • Recipes
  • Pantry cleanouts